Kirie – Japanese traditional paper cutting and picture books

These days I find myself wondering how pictures in a picture book are made. People draw them, yes. But how do they create such a cohesive story with their pictures? The most conventional way of creating pictures is drawing them by hand. Nonetheless, Pictures in picture books are created with various tools: In addition, there ... Read More

Children’s Books for Adults

What to expect reading together with a child According to Nielsen Book Research Reports, since 2015, 80% of Young Adult books have been bought by adults. When children read or listen to a story, they enjoy it and learn from the experiences of the characters. They also closely observe the adults’ reactions to different events ... Read More

E-J interpretation for a Piece Builder

This month, I had the opportunity to demonstrate my English-Japanese interpretation skills to Wendy Kroeker, a curriculum developer and educator. I interpreted most of the lectures and workshops in her Japanese program. Working with Wendy made me contemplate the concept of a “happy ending” in children’s literature and in real life situations. Being Wendy’s voice ... Read More