When I first came to Japan, I rushed to buy a SIM card. They charged me a foreigner price, but I was still happy because I could call my family and connect to google maps. Time has changed and there are numerous ways of surviving without a SIM card (or a wifi router) in Japan. What’s wrong with Japanese SIM cards If you are a tourist, you are able to buy only a prepaid data SIM card. Which means you will not be using your smartphone as a phone. The regular SIM cards (those that go with a number) are for long-term residents. The longer the residence term is, the […]

On February 15th JR announced a release of an IC card that targets foreigners in Japan. This commuter card is dedicated to those who use public transport for a short time-period. It’s called “Welcome Suica”, and, apart from its designs that features Japanese sakura, it benefits its users by providing a prepaid public transportation services free of deposit. Normally, you pay a 500 yen deposit to have an IC card issued. But in the case of Welcome Suica foreign guests are welcome to take it as a Japanese souvenir. It covers all the ares that are covered by SUICA and PASMO, including buses, trains and underground. The sales start from […]