Corona, terminology and translation

Profession undoubtedly defines your way of thinking. When I hand my first PhD I already realised that there is no turning back. I will always pay attention to the things that most people seem to miss, enjoy them and talk about them. The recent events proved to be no different. When the world was gasping ... Read More

Buying a free of deposit IC card: tourist in Japan

On February 15th JR announced a release of an IC card that targets foreigners in Japan. This commuter card is dedicated to those who use public transport for a short time period. It’s called “Welcome Suica”, and, apart from its designs that features Japanese sakura, it benefits its users by providing prepaid public transportation services ... Read More

Apartment rent contracts in Japan – foreigner’s experience

One of my colleagues moved into the new apartment the other day. She said that she had to read the contract together with the owner for an hour. That’s what Japanese apartment contracts are! I should probably mention this more often, but Japan is an incredibly bureaucratic country. Their mind set on putting everything on ... Read More

What Japanese do you like?

When you speak Japanese with your Japanese friends you can’t avoid this question: “What Japanese do you like most?” or as they say it 好きな日本語はなんですか? (Suki na nihongo wa nan desu ka?) I am always at a loss. What do they want me to say? There are different dialects in the Japanese language, there are ... Read More