December 2018


More and more English translations have appeared in the present-day Japan . These translations make my life a lot easier. But there is one thing bothering me. As a foreigner in Japan you can’t help notice that an English translation is sometimes longer than the Japanese phrase. I’ll give you an example. Here is an instruction for worshiping one Japanese god in the temple. View this post on Instagram See, the Japanese phrase is longer for some reason and an English phrase is very short. #mylifeinjapan #japanese #languagelearning #translation #instablogger #gaijinworld Annaさん(@thetalesofagaijin)がシェアした投稿 – 2018年12月月21日午前4時00分PST See what I mean? The Japanese phrase is longer for some reason which makes you doubt […]


When you speak Japanese with your Japanese friends you can’t avoid this question: “What Japanese do you like most?” or as they say it どんな日本語が一番好きですか I am always at a loss. What do they want me to say? There are different dialects in Japanese language, there are different idioms, different characters, onomatopoeia, polite speech, not very polite speech – it all qualifies as Japanese. So how exactly should I answer this tricky question? I’ve asked my Japanese friends and here is what I found out.  How do I answer the question “what Japanese do you like the most”? a word or phrase with the a pleasant meaning some Japanese cute […]