E-J interpretation for a Piece Builder

This month I showcased my skill in English-Japanese interpretation to Wendy Kroeker, a piece builder, and piece educator. I’ve interpreted most of the lectures and workshops in her Japanese agenda. Working with Wendy made me think deeply about the notion of a happy ending in children’s literature and in real-life settings. Being Wendy’s voice was ... Read More

Explaining translation

Each person who loves what they are doing is capable of beautiful and eloquent descriptions of their work. Translators are not an exception. Many well-known translators, like Haruki Murakami, publish essays in which they describe the process of translation and the magic of translation. Yet not all stories can be found in essays, many unpublished ... Read More

Corona, terminology and translation

Recently, due to the sudden outburst of the Novel Coronavirus Japan has learned new terminology such as “cluster”, “overshoot” and “lockdown”. They all came from the English language epidemiologic background and were presented to the Japanese as クラスター, オーバーシュートandロックダウン, in other words as the so-called カタカナ語(Katakana language). A short time later, the Japanese Ministry of Defence referring to the charactisation of  Katakana language ... Read More