E-J interpretation for a Piece Builder

This month, I had the opportunity to demonstrate my English-Japanese interpretation skills to Wendy Kroeker, a curriculum developer and educator. I interpreted most of the lectures and workshops in her Japanese program. Working with Wendy made me contemplate the concept of a “happy ending” in children’s literature and in real life situations. Being Wendy’s voice ... Read More

Explaining translation

The art of translation is not exempt from the passion and eloquence that comes with a love for one’s work. Numerous famous translators, such as Haruki Murakami, have published essays that detail the magic and process of translation. However, there are many untold stories that are equally compelling. One such story is shared by Bruce ... Read More

Corona, terminology and translation

Recently, with the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, Japan has adopted new terminology from English language epidemiology, such as “cluster,” “overshoot,” and “lockdown.” These terms were presented to the Japanese people in Katakana language, which is a way of writing foreign words in Japanese. However, the Japanese Ministry of Defence requested a charactisation of these ... Read More