PhDone: Thesis Writing Tips

How I wrote my thesis and felt happy about it In the past month, I submitted my thesis and felt happy and motivated to continue my research. However, it seems that many novice PhDs have a different experience. After submitting their dissertations, they often feel worn out and burnt out. Unfortunately, many never return to ... Read More

Grad school in Japan. 3 things to consider

If someone had told me about this in advance, I might have had a chance to avoid falling into this pitfall, but who am I kidding? I probably would have still fallen for it and been happy about it. So, if you are a foreigner considering pursuing graduate education in Japan, there are some things ... Read More

What Japanese do you like?

When speaking Japanese with my Japanese friends, the inevitable question arises: “What Japanese do you like most?” or, as it is said in Japanese, 好きな日本語はなんですか? “Suki na nihongo wa nan desu ka?” I am always at a loss for how to respond. After all, the Japanese language is full of different dialects, idioms, characters, onomatopoeia, ... Read More