PhDone: Thesis Writing Tips

How I wrote my thesis and felt happy about it This month I’ve submitted my thesis. I was happy and motivated to carry on my research. It turns out I am one of the few people. Most novice PhDs think otherwise. After submitting their dissertations many PhDs-to-be are worn out and burnt out. To make ... Read More

Grad school in Japan. 3 things to consider

If someone told me about this in advance, I might have had a chance to run away. Who am I kidding? I would still fall in this very pitfall and be happy about it. So, you are a foreigner and you are thinking about doing your grad education in Japan. There are some things you ... Read More

What Japanese do you like?

When you speak Japanese with your Japanese friends you can’t avoid this question: “What Japanese do you like most?” or as they say it 好きな日本語はなんですか? (Suki na nihongo wa nan desu ka?) I am always at a loss. What do they want me to say? There are different dialects in the Japanese language, there are ... Read More