Deposit-free IC card: tourist in Japan

On February 15th JR announced a release of an IC card that targets foreigners in Japan. This commuter card is dedicated to those who use public transport for a short time period.

It’s called “Welcome Suica”, and, apart from its designs that features Japanese sakura, it benefits its users by providing prepaid public transportation services free of deposit.

Normally, you pay a 500 yen deposit to have an IC card issued. But in the case of Welcome Suica foreign guests are welcome to take it as a Japanese souvenir. It covers all the areas that are covered by SUICA and PASMO, including buses, trains and underground.

The sales start in September. You can purchase this card at the airport (Haneda airport station, Airport 2nd terminal station) and at JR East Travel Service Centres (Tokyo station, Shinjuku station, Shibuya station, etc.).

Additional information as well as an image of the new IC card is available in Japanese

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