Children and other talking animals

Picture books and books intended for two- to three-year-olds often use talking animals as a way to show children agency and explain the transition from animal-like existence to that of a talking little human. In books for children aged one to three, animal characters take on human roles and behaviors such as talking, cooking and ... Read More

Children’s Books for Adults

What to expect reading together with a child According to Nielsen Book Research Reports, since 2015, 80% of Young Adult books have been bought by adults. When children read or listen to a story, they enjoy it and learn from the experiences of the characters. They also closely observe the adults’ reactions to different events ... Read More

PhDone: Thesis Writing Tips

How I wrote my thesis and felt happy about it In the past month, I submitted my thesis and felt happy and motivated to continue my research. However, it seems that many novice PhDs have a different experience. After submitting their dissertations, they often feel worn out and burnt out. Unfortunately, many never return to ... Read More

Warabe uta: what kind of song?

Warabe uta is a distinct type of Japanese vocal storytelling that is considered a part of Japanese vocal culture. Although it is often classified as a children’s song or similar to nursery rhymes, its origins date back to a time when adults would sing these songs to children, who would then dance or move along ... Read More