Hi, I’m a gaijin and my tale has just begun.

My name is ANNA. I speak, read and write English, Russian and Japanese. For almost eight years I have been telling other people’s stories through INTERPRETATION and TRANSLATION. Now I would like to tell my own tale with my BLOG.

Made in England, perfected in Russia, I relocated to Japan to write my second Doctorate thesis. My scientific interests include but are not limited to such fields as Comparative Linguistics, Cognitive Linguistics and International Culture and Communication.

This blog is about:

  • Translation and interpretation
  • Articles and thesis writing
  • Japan, cultural shocks and pleasures it has given me
  • Different paperwork and foreigner daily life in Japan
  • Job hunting in Japan

Books and translations

  1. Introduction to Cybersecurity Management by Keisuke Kamata, English-language translation

Published elsewhere

1. Identifying the language skill of consecutive interpreters. Towards the development of recommendations on language choices in interpreters’ notesInternational Journal of Language, Translation and Intercultural Communication, 7, 33-44.

Conference Activities & Talks

  1. Language as a mediator: A study into the decoding and encoding in consecutive interpretation, single presenter, 6thYoung Linguists’ Meeting in Poznan (YLMP 2018), Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland, 23-25/11/2018.
  2. The means of translation of onomatopoeia proper names on the material of children’s literary fairy tales of the 20stcentury, single presenter, From Morals to the Macabre in Translation for Children, Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland, 4, 5/4/2018

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