Trip to Grad school

or what brought me to Japan and how I ended up moving to this country

Tourists come to Japan to see the country. I am not an exception. Japan is a nice country, worths coming at least once.

Having learned the Japanese language for more than 5 years at the university, I strongly decided that I must see Japan. After defending my PhD in Russia, I set off to Japan but not as a tourist. The regular tourist routine did not appeal to me because a week of a month is not enough to appreciate the country. Moreover, I had no friends in Japan, no one to advise me what to do and where to go.

What should I do then?

The most common variant was a study abroad trip. Most people enroll in the language school and spent a year or two learning the language and culture. I liked this plan, but after all these years of learning Japanese, I could not possibly enrolling in a language school.

The situation changed when I discovered the MEXT (the Japanese ministry of education) program, which targeted exchange, master, and doctor students. Having your trip financed by the Japanese government is a dream come true. Unfortunately, I was not accepted for the MEXT scholarship, but I learned a lot in the process. I did not want to apply for the Master’s program because I’ve just defended my PhD. So despite lots of nerve-wracking memories that the Doctor’s program has brought me, I applied for PhD candidate in a Japanese university.

I wanted to do my best and now you can see the rest

Japanese PhD is from 3 to 6 years. This is my fourth year. Initially, I thought I would quickly finish the program and come back with another diploma. Oh, what a naive person I was.

Life does not stop when you are in a foreign country. During my 4 years in Japan, I became a Research Associate in the University I attended, got married, looked for a permanent job after the end of the RA contact and finally found it, got pregnant. And I still haven’t finished my thesis.

And I would not be here in Japan, I would not be writing my blog but for the sudden decision to go on a Trip to Grad school.