3 funny reactions when I speak Japanese

Living in Japan is like childhood once again: you need to learn how to write your name in the Japanese alphabet, your address, the names of your company/school etc. There are a lot of returning to childhood moments that I’ve enjoyed in Japan. I’d like to share them with you.

Oh my god, she can speak!

That is the first reaction towards my humble request to take a picture for me in Japanese. And, yes, the Japanese people say it out loud. And they look really surprised.

You’re such a clever girl, you know how to spell your name and address

I’m old enough to spell different things! Yet I am always praised and admired when I can spell my address and my name in Japanese. I am even more praised if I use characters to write my address.

How did you learn the Japanese language?

I wonder about it myself. Japanese is a very difficult language, but many foreigners who come to Japan with any visa, except for a tourist visa, can speak Japanese language to some extent. Nothing to be surprised of. What is more shocking is that most Japanese can’t speak English. Even the simplest words.

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